Organic SEO for Businesses

We focus on what matters so you get the best results for the best price. When handled properly, Organic SEO is, hands down, the best ROI on an advertising dollar.

Our motto is, “Every little detail of every little thing.” These details are what matter most for you to get found online. It’s not just one or two things, but many things added together so that you get a better grade.

With us, you get “more points” for Design, Content, Mapping, Social Media, and lots of other things our Webmasters do to improve your SEO. Most businesses put up a really poorly coded design, almost no content, and poorly setup Google and Bing accounts. Then they never tend to anything. These are poor search engine optimization practices that won’t help your Internet marketing succeed.

SEO and So Much More

With the Webmasters, we give you excellence in:

  • Design – And coding for that design
  • Content – And lots of it, so you can optimize for more keywords
  • Mapping – Citations and hand work in your Google and Bing accounts so you can compete for map placements
  • Social Media – Better setup here actually helps your overall optimization
  • Webmasters – Helping you with things like better servers, faster loading, nightly checks for connectivity issues, integration of primary review sites into your website, integration of social media, URL structuring, and more!


Design – Content – Mapping – Social Media – Webmasters

What You Get:

  • Dedicated Webmasters
  • Design coded for best SEO practices  Semantic markup, silo structure, fast load, responsive Businesses website design that will work best for smart phones, as well as laptop and tablet viewing
  • 15 pages of excellent content about your services, produced by our writing department. This helps you optimize for more keywords.
  • Home page and About Us page tailored for every client
  • On-page optimization – Meta Tags optimized to your city, H1’s and body content adjusted to help your Businesses keyword ranking, proper saturation rates, and more
  • Mapping – Google and Bing detail work – more things set up so you can show up better on Map
  • Citations on 50+ primary directories – Again, to help with Businesses map placements
  • “Hand work” on primary platforms such as Yelp and Facebook
  • Social Media – Proper setup of your Facebook and Twitter accounts, properly linked and integrated into your website
  • Reviews – Linked to proper pages from your website so your customers give you reviews
  • Monthly Support  Your dedicated Web Team will make changes quickly (usually within 48-hours). Just call us and we will handle it.

The Search Engine Optimization Formula

To better understand what’s needed, break down a proper Web Presence into 5 categories that need attention: Design, Content, Social Media, Mapping, and General Webmaster Work.

If any of these pieces are missing or poorly done, then you would expect your online marketing and search engine ranking to do poorly. However, if you have these 5 categories done better, you will get a “Better Grade”. The search engines will like you better, and you will see a corresponding increase in organic keyword ranking and map placement.

Google and Bing want better websites to show to people, and they are constantly grading your SEO to see if your site is worthy of pulling up high in rankings for lots of your keywords. Another thing to consider is this: Why do you deserve to show up where you want to? Have you taken the steps to provide your client with a great web experience? If you provide a better experience, you will get the points to give you a better grade — and higher rankings.

This overall presence will also help you on social media conversion, as well as on review websites. Everything works together for a better web presence, more online exposure, and better results!

We perform more skillsets for our clients so that they get a better grade and deserve to show up higher in rankings.

Web Design for Businesses

In general, most designs are coded poorly for SEO purposes. That means they lack the basic components that will help your keywords place higher in search ranking. Businesses Web Design is the basis and starting point for you to show up well on search engines. If design isn’t done well, you can expect lower keyword rankings. Our designers are veterans who apply sound SEO principles to the designs so that the search engines like your website better. We include things like:
  • Fast load time
  • Semantic markup
  • Silo architecture
  • Tight CSS coding
  • And much more.
All of these items get you that “Better Grade” with search engines. Also, we will link out to your social media accounts as well as primary review websites so that things are set up properly. This too makes for a better website and a better grade. Give us a call for the best Businesses web designs that the search engines will love.

Content and Keyword Ranking for Businesses

Content is the basis for Businesses keyword rankings. Again, most of the time companies have what we call “shallow content” or even no content. There frankly needs to be lots of content. Think about it: if you don’t have a page of content about each service you offer, then you can expect to not show up in search rankings when someone searches for the service in your city. Google and Bing don’t just guess what valuable Businesses keyword rankings you would like to show up for. They spider your website and read it. Your website needs to have thousands of words about your services so that you can organically optimize for dozens of Businesses keywords high in the search rankings. For this reason, we start our clients with 15 pages of expert content written by our Writing Team right here in our office. Additionally, we personalize and optimize your Home page and About Us page. In fact, every single page we set up is coded to show up for your city and the services you offer. We setup your meta tags, H tags, city saturation rates, and more, so that you have great pages of content ready to optimize in your market.

Mapping and Map Ranking for Businesses

Most companies get their account verified with Google and put in their name, address and phone number but that’s about it. There is so much more that can be done not only with your Google account, but also your Bing account. We help with this, and yes, it gets you more points and a better grade. This isn’t just your Google Account verification. There are literally dozens of items inside your Google and Bing account that need to be setup properly if you legitimately expect to show up as one of the top in your market for high Businesses Map Rankings. Our Team of Webmasters are well-trained and highly skilled. Hiring us gives you an edge that others simply don’t have. Citations are also included with our service. We set you up with dozens of major citations so that your Name, Address and Phone number (aka NAP) is synced up around the web. This helps the search engines trust who you are. We also handle your Google and Bing accounts by hand so that they get the extra attention that they need for you to get a better grade. Give us a call today for help with your mapping and higher Businesses map placement.

Social Media – Twitter and Facebook for Businesses

Most Businesses already have a Facebook and Twitter page, but if you don’t, we will set them up for you. Did you know that properly setup social media actually helps you in your organic search rankings as well? It’s true. Google doesn’t want you to have major holes in your online presence or you simply are less attractive to show someone who types in keywords in your market. Think about it this way: Why show a website over another with the same information if one has active major social media accounts and the other does not? You want to have all major categories handled so that you get the good grade you want, which all leads to higher search rankings. Additionally, of course, social media can also bring you business on a regular basis just like Google and Bing, if you treat your social media seriously.

Webmaster Work

Remember, every little detail of every little thing will determine your keyword rankings. That's why it's important to have a properly managed website with ongoing work being constantly attended to. We provide initial setup for our clients and monthly services at an affordable rate. There is a lot that goes into this, and that’s why the 5th category is Webmaster Work. Having a skilled crew helps you get more things done properly from lots of areas. For example, just having better hosting helps load time and speed - and the list goes on. From our proprietary internal programming that helps us ensure that we are performing well, to our highly trained crew of Webmasters, it all helps you get the results you want online. Exclusive proprietary software features:
  • Server response headers monitored every 20 seconds
  • Web site and database tested every night
  • Daily audit on all newly modified or created content, blog post, and pages
  • Full SEO audit scan of entire web site upon launch
  • Automatic notifications of blog posts and onsite changes, including SEO optimization
  • All new content and blog posts are scanned daily for plagiarism
  • Weekly full site and database expert off-server backup utility
  • Powerful software for backlink scanning and analysis
  • Web sites are scanned daily for viruses and malicious code

Hire the best. Hire The Team at Webmasters365. We’ll make sure you get lots of extra points and a better grade. Our clients do better online because they deserve it.